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Deborah Katz is an experienced and seasoned leadership consultant specializing in integrating Conscious Leadership Practices both one-on-one with leaders and organization-wide.

Home-based in Portland, OR, she currently travels the country working with individual leaders and organizations to bridge the gap between leadership concept and leadership practice. Deb is an Executive Consultant and Coach with more than 20 years of combined experience as a complementary healthcare professional and Registered Nurse.

Deb holds degrees in Sociology and Women’s Studies specializing in Collective Behavior and Organizational Development from San Diego State University. It was through this early education that Deb first began to hone her thinking around how individual consciousness can affect the macro-institutional picture and vice-versa.

An avid traveler, Deb has sought out wisdom from diverse cultures and leaders the world over in service of her deepest passion: to shift our approach from problem-creating-solving into possibility consciousness. She has studied with some of the world’s premiere thought leaders to expand her understanding of the mind-body connection.

As an RN, she observed this interplay every day in how care is provided and how healthcare professionals and administrators managed that care. This sparked a deep commitment to supporting organizations who are ready and willing to pursue positive, radical culture shifts at every level – from the board room to client/customer contact. This lead Deb to partner with Conscious Leadership Group (CLG), which is pioneering the 21st century conversation about leadership, consciousness and commitment.

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