Conscious Leadership - Bridging the Gap

A new leadership model that is sustainable and simple.

Let me introduce you to cutting edge 21st century leadership techniques and show you how to integrate these skills into your culture. I help leaders and their teams learn how to feel and express their authentic feelings, eliminate drama, respond rather than react, which yields greater curiosity and problem solving opportunities.

Often, traditional leadership tools fail to address the divide between who you are and who think you are supposed to be in the workplace. Through our work together, you will see this distinction dissolve. You will see miscommunications regularly cleared, judgments released, and a clear path for open idea exchanges. The work environment becomes a place where you feel more aliveness and more meaning.

Companies spend countless sums of money to measure and improve employee engagement.

Conscious leaders are more engaged and create environments with much higher levels of satisfaction among their team members and lower healthcare costs.

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