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59c473a53980550001be8bfe_christine-osheaDeb has an amazing way of staying fully present while also bringing vitality to a room. She radiates warmth and presence and gently (and sometimes with compassionate strength) guides a person or a team to a place where they’re in their discomfort zone, challenging their existing belief system structure. All of this is done not from a place of “I’m telling you what’s right”, but rather “it’s something to consider.” I couldn’t ask for anyone better to guide us through our Conscious Leadership journey.

– Christine O’Shea

Senior Director of Inspiration SAP Ariba

The exploration of my Enneagram style with Deb Katz and the Conscious Leadership Group has been liberating. Embarking on this journey that seeks harmony between my need, for structure, order, and critical analysis and the realization most of my colleagues see the world differently has attenuated unrelenting tension. Exploring my biases, perceptions as a leader, and embracing dissent in the decision-making process has allowed me to listen intently rather than just hear a message. As a leader in the dynamic field of healthcare, I am now better prepared to transparently reveal my thoughts and communicate through a foundation of trust. This process is a must for organizational leaders!

– Kevin Behrns, M.D.

Professor of Surgery, St. Louis University

Deb has an immense gift to call forth the awareness that lies in each of us.  With love and presence, she challenges me to grow as a leader and human. I have experienced small and immense changes in my life because of our work together.


– Lindsey Cooper

Managing Director, People Strategy - Teach For America

Smith, Michelle Taylor (5-1-13)

My executive coaching and Conscious Leadership (CL) development with Deb Katz is a personally and professionally rewarding experience.

I have an enhanced understanding of and regularly practice putting my attention on “context vs. content”  the how rather than the what. I have greater understanding my and others motivations, how to maximize relationships and how we can better operate as a team. Through working with Deb, I have greatly expanded my ability to focus, pause, and respond rather than react. My team and I deal with difficult communications much faster which leads to fewer miscommunications, grudges and gossip, increasing trust and collaboration.  Additionally, I have a sense of power and empowerment that is satisfying ..but more important, a solid investment in ‘effective-leadership’.

I especially enjoy the opportunity to utilize ‘laser-sessions’ or  ‘real-time’  interaction with Deb at times when I personally  deem it necessary  for  dialogue,  support, direction,  input or whatever!   Awesome opportunity!

I am confident that anyone committed to professional development, self-enrichment, and a true-sense of well-being, will find the decision to engage on the CL and executive coach journey with Deb a gift, one designed for lifelong sustainability.

– Michelle Taylor-Smith

Vice President Patient Care Services/Chief Nursing and Experience Officer, Greenville Health System

Moody, Carol  (5-2-11)_2Deb is an individual who not only ‘talks the talk’, but more importantly, ‘walks the talk’ in all aspects of her life.  She recently facilitated a leadership development retreat and I told her at the end of the day that she had taught us more about conscious leadership in that one session than the many sessions I had attended over the past 5 years!  I find Deb to be open, honest, and supportive in her approach…and she has a real gift in her ability to deliver ‘tough’ messages with warmth and sincerity.  I would highly recommend Deb for anyone seeking further understanding of how conscious leadership can positively affect their personal/professional growth and development.

– Carol Moody

Associate Chief Nursing Officer, Greenville Health System

“I found Deb to be a very intuitive and kind coach. I made some enormous shifts in leadership and personal struggles with the techniques and practices she gave me to work on. Deb created a comfortable space for my needed growth. I would highly recommend her and the 15 commitments program!”

– Julie Bensel

Human Resource Manager at Sokol Blosser Winery

IMG_1976 copyAfter reading The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, I wanted to dive in further and have an expert guide me through applying them with real life examples. Per the recommendation of The Conscious Leadership Group, I began working with Deb as a CLG coach.

I got more than I bargained for!

Deb has provided me considerable insight into my own situations and examples that I would have never of arrived at on my own or solely by applying what I had read. I’ve been able to navigate some tricky situations that, before Deb, I would have committed the same mistakes, getting the same results–which would have been less than ideal.

Conscious Leadership provided the content; Deb has facilitated expert application. As a coach, she didn’t provide me with just the proverbial fish, she has taught me how to fish as only a great coach can.

I can say that Deb was exactly the coach I was looking for–and then some–I’m also happy to call her a friend.

– Adam Landrum

President and CEO Up&Up |

0017_JIM_DETHMER_TDeb Katz has the unique combination of clarity, strength, persistence and compassion.  Her willingness to support people to face what they are resisting facing is one of her great strengths and she does this with grace and kindness.  Deb is first and foremost a practitioner of everything she teaches.  She walks her talk and those who walk with her by having her as their coach are in good and trustworthy hands.

– Jim Dethmer

Conscious Leadership Group |

I count on Deb to provide me with honest and direct feedback that cuts to the core of the issues I am exploring with her.

She offers loving challenge when I am stuck and supports me in creating new ways of thinking about how I see the world around me.

I am reliably nurtured by her deep empathy and trust her to offer the wisest councel I can find anywhere.

– Diana Chapman

Advisor to Exceptional Leaders |

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